Sunday, November 15, 2009

Days 11 and 12...

Okay, I am a little nervous about weighing in tomorrow...yesterday I ended up having 41 points, and today, I am not sure. I have about 15 points in cereal (yeah, I like cereal a little too much), then I went to Ruby Tuesday's. I looked online, but most of their foods don't have their nutritional values listed. I had three salads (I thought I would "fill up") and had an avocado and cheese type quesidella. I only ate half the ques. at the restaurant and had the other half for dinner tonight. So, I'm not sure how I did...we'll see tomorrow.

P.A.: Yardwork...raking, and bagging
Pts. 41 (+16) :(

P.A.: none
Pts. ??? should be close to on target.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 10...

Okay was a long day. I subbed for 5th grade PE classes, so I was running around doing bball drills with them. After being outside so much this week, I am one tired puppy.

Food was not the best, and I've reach my 35 extra points for the week, so I'll just have to keep to 25 the next two days. It shouldn't be too bad.

Today is the anniversary of my grandpa Miller's death. I'm wondering if it ever gets easier. Last year, losing both grandpas within one week was rough, it is tough during the year, but on their anniversary, it reminds me of my loss, and I miss them so much. xoxo Dick and Bob!

P.A.: bball drills with kids in PE class

Points: 37 (+12)
Pic is of my grandma and grandpa Bush, b/c I didn't get a chance to post it yesterday.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Days 8 and 9 (missed yesterda)

Okay, to begin, I missed yesterday b/c I was so tired at night. Anyway, let's catch up.

P.A.: to activity...I was tired from work and needed to chill. Josh and I went to look at a house and then went and got dogfood for the kids (which we have to do weekly considering they are each at least 100 pounds, and it is $200 a month).
Points: 31 (+6)

Today: Didn't work, so I did some yardwork, went to my dad's, visited the cemetary b/c it is my Grandpa's birthday today. I really miss him, so I had a little teary chat with him. Then, I headed over to my Aunt Sally's house to meet her new pup and let Bart meet her pooches. Foodwise it was okay.

P.A.: raking and bagging leaves
Points: 31 (+6)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 7ish...

I'm going to start this one at day 7 and continue to number them from there. At least that way I have a way to organize these posts.
Today was okay. I was in a 4th grade classroom today...crazy and exhausting. Then, I came home, made some homemade soup, and raked more leaves.
Foodwise, it was okay, but some kid brought in cupcakes, and I couldn't resist.

P.A.-- Yardwork/raking and bagging leaves

Points used today: 35 (+10)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weight Progress (or recess, I suppose)

Monday, November 9, 2009
Weight: 222.8 lbs
Change: initial weight-in
Extra points used thus far (35 allotment): 35 (all filled up!)

Ok, Day...well, I missed a couple

Okay, I'm going to deem this day one. I weighed myself (yeah, always fun, right?), so now I have my base. Pics will come soon for my before.

This past weekend I was dog-sitting, so I couldn't get to a computer the way I wanted to. I ended up going to Barnes and Noble, hanging out with my family (it was the one year anniversary of my Grandfather's death, so we were all dealing with that b/c it feels so fresh anyway), went to a football game (and the weather was AWESOME!), went out to dinner (but I made good choices there...Applebee's, and I did some laundry and relaxed. That was on Saturday, and yes, I was still dog-sitting, I also managed to hang and play with the dog a bunch too:) On Sunday, I went for a 2 hour walk with my friend Stephanie and my three dogs. I love those morning walks. No one else will go with me on a walk that long. I've gone that long with only my dogs and me, but it is nice to have someone else to go with:) And, Steph walks as fast as I do! WAHOO!!! After the walk, I hurried back to Penny's (who I am dog-sitting for), took a shower, then hurried off to church. After church I chatted with my dad for awhile, then headed back to Penny's and played some more with Kia, the dog, and hung out. Later, I came home and relaxed, fed my dogs, my sister and niece came to visit, etc. So, all in all it was a good weekend:)

Starting weight: 222.8 (I suppose, at least I am tall and can hide it a little)

I will post my points for the day later:)
Oh, and the pic is from the football game this weekend. It is me and Josh:)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 4

Okay, today was not very good. Went for a mile walk with Josh and the pooches. I went and hung out at my grandma's house and she had a load of candy that I thought I'd help her unload. Unfortunately, I chose to unload it into my mouth. Those Take 5 bar are yummy.

Weigh in is planned for tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how it goes b/c I like to weigh-in before I eat anything in the morning, and I am dog-sitting this weekend.

P.A.: mile walk
Points: at least 30 at this point:( I'll update this tomorrow as to what I additionally consumed b/c I am still a hungry hungry hippo!