Sunday, November 15, 2009

Days 11 and 12...

Okay, I am a little nervous about weighing in tomorrow...yesterday I ended up having 41 points, and today, I am not sure. I have about 15 points in cereal (yeah, I like cereal a little too much), then I went to Ruby Tuesday's. I looked online, but most of their foods don't have their nutritional values listed. I had three salads (I thought I would "fill up") and had an avocado and cheese type quesidella. I only ate half the ques. at the restaurant and had the other half for dinner tonight. So, I'm not sure how I did...we'll see tomorrow.

P.A.: Yardwork...raking, and bagging
Pts. 41 (+16) :(

P.A.: none
Pts. ??? should be close to on target.


  1. Hope your weigh in went well. I'm sorry you've been dealing with the death of loved ones. That is always a difficult time. I prayed for you today.

  2. Erin, thank you so much. I've been away for a little while trying to deal with it all. Hopefully I'll be back and in the groove. The weigh-in, not so well. I actually went up a pound. Not sure about that one. Maybe I retained water or something b/c I thought I was doing okay food wise. Not great, but okay. Oh well, time to get back on the horse, as they say.

  3. Hey Sarah, I keep coming back, but no update. Hope you are keeping on track and hope you are doing well in other areas as well.