Monday, November 9, 2009

Ok, Day...well, I missed a couple

Okay, I'm going to deem this day one. I weighed myself (yeah, always fun, right?), so now I have my base. Pics will come soon for my before.

This past weekend I was dog-sitting, so I couldn't get to a computer the way I wanted to. I ended up going to Barnes and Noble, hanging out with my family (it was the one year anniversary of my Grandfather's death, so we were all dealing with that b/c it feels so fresh anyway), went to a football game (and the weather was AWESOME!), went out to dinner (but I made good choices there...Applebee's, and I did some laundry and relaxed. That was on Saturday, and yes, I was still dog-sitting, I also managed to hang and play with the dog a bunch too:) On Sunday, I went for a 2 hour walk with my friend Stephanie and my three dogs. I love those morning walks. No one else will go with me on a walk that long. I've gone that long with only my dogs and me, but it is nice to have someone else to go with:) And, Steph walks as fast as I do! WAHOO!!! After the walk, I hurried back to Penny's (who I am dog-sitting for), took a shower, then hurried off to church. After church I chatted with my dad for awhile, then headed back to Penny's and played some more with Kia, the dog, and hung out. Later, I came home and relaxed, fed my dogs, my sister and niece came to visit, etc. So, all in all it was a good weekend:)

Starting weight: 222.8 (I suppose, at least I am tall and can hide it a little)

I will post my points for the day later:)
Oh, and the pic is from the football game this weekend. It is me and Josh:)

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  1. Ok, now for my update:)

    P.A.-- ran 2 miles
    raked, mowed, and bagged

    Points-- 26 (+1)

    Good day. Beautiful weather!!!