Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ok, day 1

Okay, I stated yesterday that I was going to follow Weight Watchers for my diet. I am going to weigh myself (always something NOT to look forward to) this coming Saturday morning, at which time I will also have my before pic taken by my loving fiance', Josh. I will post these once completed. However, today (Tues.) I began following WW for my nutrition. I will also state any "physical activity" I partake it each day. I am usually active, especially in the summer, but tend to "fall off the bandwagon" in the cooler months. Today was a COLD day, so I went to work, helped Josh put together a dogcage for Laina, my difficult female Great Dane, and chilled. But, knowing that I am going to have to post how I did for the day on here, my day has been going good Pointwise.
Each day I will post:
- any physical activity
- Number of points per day I consumed (aiming for 25 per day, with a bank for 35 extra per week)
- Number of extra points used thus far for the week.

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 2009

- No P.A. (COLD!!!)
- 25 points :)

(I will begin tracking for extra weekly points on Friday. Until then I am limited to 25 per day.)
**Oh, and in the pics are my pooches. Junah is the Great Dane male (black and larger), Laina is the Great Dane female (blue in color and smaller than Junah), and Bart the Golden, Chow mix. I love these guys!

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  1. Okay, I got some cravings and consumed 2 more points. Now, off to watch The Biggest Loser. Maybe I can get motivated. I wish they had this show for just plain overweight people b/c I would LOVE to be able to just focus on what I'm eating and work out. B/c I LOVE to be active. I wouldn't have a problem with that one:) And, I'd be in better shape. Sometimes I wonder if I should gain a bunch just to try to get on the show and get lower...but then I decide, why go backwards???? So, I'll do it myself:) I just wish it wasn't so gosh darn cold outside!